Photovoltaic farm – construction of the installation

Our next investment in voi. Lubelskie! We are stepping into the long weekend with a smile! Because how not to be happy when… another of our farms is being built in Lubelskie! On this occasion – we wish you lots of sunshine! And not just for the weekend.

How is a photovoltaic plant built?

We would like to remind you that the steel structures used in our farms are adapted to various load and ground conditions while maintaining a very good ratio of the structure’s weight to kW of designed power. You can find more about the construction here:



Who are we?

At PCWO Energy, we know that the future belongs to RES. Our company focuses on investing in large-scale PV power plants for the sake of the energy of a better tomorrow.

Find out more about us:

As one of the few companies in Poland, we are responsible for the comprehensive implementation of the project from the moment of land verification to the management of a fully functional photovoltaic power plant. Our staff of specialists is constantly committed to providing the highest possible quality service for photovoltaic investment. At every stage of its development. We are a business partner you can rely on. We have technical facilities and a team of experienced specialists. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything. Already many farmers have trusted us, and now they are making money from their land and effortlessly! At PCWO Energy, we know very well that tenants expect real income from ground rent, as well as comprehensive service and transparent cooperation, which are supported by a financially stable company with Polish capital.


We create environmentally friendly investments for the sake of #energyofabettertomorrow

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