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Soil conditions

Requirements for the construction of a photovoltaic farm


more that 0.5ha


towards the south or flat


quality class IV – VI

Power grid

power line within eyesight


non-forested and non-flooded


to public road

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Stable income

Leasing land for the construction of a PV plant will allow you to secure yourself financially for many years. We offer an attractive rate of up to PLN 15,000/ha revalued annually by the inflation rate.


We conduct a free assessment of the land, design a project of the construction and carry out the building works. Then we operate the resulting investment. We do not use the services of intermediaries.

No cost

We pay all costs related to the implementation of the investment. We cover the fees related to the property land tax , and collect the installation at the end of the lease period.

Concern for the environment

You realistically contribute to improving the environment. The photovoltaic power plant reduces pollution and generates fully green energy.

Examples of projects

woj. kujawsko-pomorskie


woj. podkarpackie


woj. świętokrzyskie


How much can you earn from leasing your land?

We offer a favorable annual rate of up to PLN 15,000/ha for as long as the land is used, increased annually by the inflation rate. We take an individual approach to each application. We will refund the cost of the land tax on the area occupied by the project and undertake to collect the installation from the land upon completion of the contract. We are one of the few companies in Poland responsible for the comprehensive implementation of photovoltaic power plants. By leasing your land to us, you gain an attractive, stable income and for years to come.

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